RaonSecure to demo biometric authentication solutions at RSA


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- Introducing PC FIDO biometric solution demonstration at RSA with Intel invitation
- Attention to full-scale spread of K security in conjunction with FIDO2 standard disclosure
RaonSecure (042510, CEO Lee Soon-hyung) will participate in 'RSA Conference 2018', the world's largest security conference held in San Francisco from Monday, February 16 to Friday, .
The RaonSecure Exhibition booth is located in the Korea Pavilion organized by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) to promote the security industry in Korea. It is equipped with fingerprint, face and iris authentication And other USB authentication device dongle. There will be a product briefing session twice a day during the exhibition period, and there will also be an event to present certain souvenirs through lottery.
RaonSecure is the only official Korean company to hold an enterprise briefing session at the RSA Intel Exhibition Hall. Local Time 4/18 (Wed) The FIDO biometric technology demonstration on PC based on Intel Online Connect will be demonstrated at the company briefing session, which will take place from 10:30 am to 30 minutes. This enables the user to authenticate and settle the PC based on fingerprint authentication without the hassle-free password input process. On-site demonstration will be held on LG Electronics' latest-generation Gram Notebook equipped with Intel IOC-supported fingerprint recognition sensor, and the RAON FIDO Dongle, a USB biometric device capable of biometrics authentication on a PC without a fingerprint recognition function Demonstrations will also be made public. The company has secured FIDO certification as a semiconductor design company and secured security level of TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) of smart phone by applying W5M security chip of WB.
In addition, they will co-marketing with the FIDO Alliance, the first member of the board of directors of the Asia Information Security Corporation, last year. Prizes will be awarded to the visitors who have seen the FIDO Alliance member exhibition booth including RaonSecure by drawing lottery.
RaonSecure is currently developing for certification their FIDO2 Universal Server, which not only supports Web Authentication, but also legacy FIDO formats UAF and U2F.
"We are delighted that Intel and RaonSecure, members of the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors, will be presenting their FIDO Certified biometric authentication solutions for PCs at this year’s RSA Security Conference," said Brett McDowell, executive director of FIDO Alliance. “RaonSecure’s commitment to add FIDO2 capabilities will help them enable their customers to take advantage of a rapidly growing ecosystem of FIDO2 compliant devices and web browsers, across both PC and mobile platforms.  FIDO is a safe and convenient alternative authentication method that enables the industry move beyond passwords."
"Our FIDO biometric authentication solution has been recognized internationally and has led to the achievement of overseas export contracts with Southeast Asian authentication payment service and Japanese financial institution last year," said Ron Secure CEO Soon-hyung Lee. "With the participation of RSA 2018, I will do my best to be a leading company in K-Security. " End.