RAON Family

RAON is making an all-out effort
to create a safe and user-friendly security environment for everyone.

RaonSecure is the mobile security and authentication leader, holding the No.1 market share in the Korean mobile security and biometric authentication markets. RaonSecure provides its customers with a safe and user-friendly security environment by introducing diverse mobile solutions for the first time in Korea, such as the mobile virtual keyboard solution, the mobile antivirus solution, and the mobile SSO solution.
RaonWhiteHat specializes in information security services, providing blockchain-based DID service known as Korea's first commercialization of DID, white hat service, and mobile security and authentication service.
Based on its outstanding technology and workforce that swept the top three international hacking competitions, RaonWhiteHat is driving a paradigm shift in the global blockchain market while promoting the global standardization of DID, pioneering the security consulting and next-generation authentication market, and growing into the leader of blockchain-based authentication services.
Digital Trust Networks
With the mission of adding the values of trust and accountability to the
digital world, Digital Trust Networks is at the forefront of establishing
DID technology standards to secure interoperability essential for
implementing a global identity authentication system and offers
relevant solutions.