Employee Benefits for RAONIN

We do our best to enhance employee engagement and improve work-life balance.

  • Employee Health Checkup

    Medical check-ups for employees and their spouses are provided.
  • Company Retreat

    Company retreats are held in Jeju Island or overseas in accordance with company performance.
  • Flexible Working Hour

    Employees can come to work in between 8AM to 10AM and leave office accordingly
  • Family Day

    Employees leave work 4 hours early on the 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • Birthday Celebration

    Employees receive birthday flowers and a gift card on their birthday and may leave work 2 hours early.
  • Long Service Awards

    Long service leave and rewards are given to those who worked for more than 5 years.
  • Employee Referral Program

    Referral bonus of up to 10 million Won (Approx. $10,000) is provided.
  • Invention/Development Bonus

    A bonus for a patent application or registration is provided.
  • Meal Allowance

    RAON Life Card and monthly meal allowance are provided
  • Breakfast and Snacks

    Breakfast and snacks are provided at a very low price at the unmanned office cafeteria.
  • Discounts on Resorts and Rental Cars

    Discounts on various resorts in Korea and free car rental (11-seater Carnival) are provided.
  • Support for Club Activities

    A certain amount of support is provided for employee clubs.
  • Support for Congratulations & Condolences

    Congratulations & condolences allowance and leave are provided.
  • Recreational Facilities in Office

    All recreational facilities, including game zones and book café, are available during work hours.