Life at RAON

RAON Life! Would you like to join us?

A pleasant cultural space that adds growth and happiness.

RAON’s Work

Check out what RAONIN enjoy within their office.
  • Common area & Lounge

    There are common areas on each floor, lounges are prepared for employees to relax.
  • Book Cafe

    Not only professional books for working but also all kinds of books including cartoons are there. Employees can borrow or read books in the book café.
  • Focus Room

    An independent, private spaces equipped with a desk are prepared for employees to use when they need to focus or have a business call.
  • Staff Lounge

    There are massage chairs and small beds in gender segregated staff lounges, providing places for individuals to escape from stress.
  • Canteen Zone

    There are capsule coffee of various beans and snack vending machine. Employees can relax in the canteen zone.
  • Breakfast and lunch support

    For the convenience of employees, there is supported catering of various menus every day.
  • Conference Room

    Each conference room boasts an open view of the Han River, so employees can feel work efficiency and refresh at the same time

RAON’s Regular Events

Check out what RAONIN enjoy within their office.
  • Overseas Corporate Retreats

    All RAONIN who have contributed to accomplishing business goals go on corporate retreats abroad and have some time to relax and refresh.
  • Domestic Corporate Retreats

    RAONIN go on corporate retreats or team retreats to take time outside the office for team building.
  • RAON-Pong Championship

    Every year in between May and June, RAON holds a competition of table tennis, board games or darts at Fun Zone.
  • Fun Seminar

    We invite well-known lecturers every quarter to hold seminars covering diverse topics.
  • Year-End Party

    Every year when the end comes, we host a year-end party where all employees get together and appreciate each other for their hard work while having a nice meal.
  • Volunteering

    RAONIN participate in community service activities twice a month on a voluntary basis to enjoy the meaningful time of caring and sharing for others while forming a bond with colleagues from different teams.
  • Donation

    RAON makes various social contributions via the voluntary employee donation program (donating the last four digits from the monthly payroll - less than $10) in addition to corporate-level donations.
  • Family Day

    Every third Friday is the Family Day. On the day, employees may leave office two hours earlier than usual to spend time with their family.

RAON’s Specialties

Check out RAON’s unique way of motivating employees.
  • RJB(Raon Junior Board)

    Junior employees from each department are designated as Junior Board to communicate directly with the top management in a dedicated meeting.
  • RAONIN Talk

    Employees can share their honest opinion anonymously by using opinion boxes located in restrooms. All the opinions are shared as it is written and reflected in company policy.
  • Town Hall Meeting with Performance Review

    We hold a town hall meeting every half a year. In the meeting, the CEO shares the business performance with employees and hosts Q&A session (anonymous questions).
  • RAON Award (Excellent Employee Reward)

    Outstanding employees are recognized every year by winning RAON Award. The award winners receive prizes and promotional points.
  • Overseas Training for Excellent Employees

    A few outstanding employees are chosen every year for an opportunity to go abroad and participate in international exhibitions.
  • Fun Fun Letter

    The CEO and leaders of the company deliver their message to employees through Fun Fun Letter.


Check out pictures of RAONIN enjoying their life in RAON
  • Board Game

    RAONIN is enjoying board game in FUNZONE taking a break from hard working.
  • Company Retreat in Marado

    This is a picture taken at Marado, the southernmost part of Korea.
  • RAONIN Enjoying an Arcade Game

    Employees taking a break and enjoying an arcade game.
  • Training Session for Newbies

    RAON newbies are headed for training in every April. They spend in a good place, having delicious food.
  • RAON’s First Retreat 1

    Through the strategic workshop held in Gapyeong, we shared the company’s vision and had the communication time among employees.
  • RAON’s First Retreat 2

    We carried out group missions and strengthened teamwork.
  • Foundation Day Event 1

    All employees had gathered to celebrate RAON’s birthday.
  • Foundation Day Event 2

    This is when we visited Namsan Seonggwak-gil and made good memories.
  • The Vision Board by the Newbies

    The newcomers recruited from the 7th official recruitment made this Vision Board to represent the message: If each one gathers his own vision, it becomes RAON’s.
  • ‘Hall of Fame’ of RaonWhiteHat

    The history of RaonWhiteHat and the pictures of glorious moments of winning hacking competitions are displayed on the wall.
  • FUN FUN !

    Let’s become RAONIN who works hard and plays hard too.

Various Clubs in RAON

There are many clubs in RAON, enabling employees to enjoy their hobby together. Clubs include soccer, fishing, badminton, board game, billiards, and dart.
  • FC RAON (Soccer)

    FC RAON is the oldest club in RAON. Join to play soccer and have great meal together.
  • RAON Meeples (Board Game)

    RAON Meeples transforms the office into a board game café.
  • RAON Bull (Dart)

    Sometimes, RAON Bull get together during work hour since there is a dart machine in Fun Zone.
  • So Dam (Photography)

    ‘So Dam’ means “to capture precious moments” in Korean. So Dam captures precious moments by exploring famous restaurants and enjoying activities together.
  • RAON Green (Golf)

    Regardless of how well one plays, RAON Green communicate through golf.
  • RAON Sing

    This club invites a vocal trainer to get a professional help and build up their singing skills.
  • RAON Billiards

    RAON Billiards is a group of people enjoying billiard games. A variety of great winning prizes are waiting for newcomers to win.
  • RAON Cock (Badminton)

    In this club, you’ll play games together and eat together afterwards. This is a truly healthy place.
  • RAON Secures (Baseball)

    This is a baseball club where you can play in the field or watch as a fan.
  • RAON Hook (fishing)

    This is a fishing club where you can fish and travel together. Fresh fish always awaits you in this club.