TouchEn OnePass
  • OnePass Server
    The OnePass Server supports both FIDO 1.x and FIDO2 and includes extended features for a Relying Party.
    • One User / Multi Device support
    • Handles QR code-based registration and it supports PC authentication as well as mobile
    • Easy to add FIDO authentication to legacy systems by providing a RESTFUL API on the server side
    • Architecture designed to separate business logic from authentication logic to quickly and easily upgrade and support new authentication methods
  • OnePass Admin
    OnePass includes an administration tool to manage authenticators and policies used by the OnePass FIDO authentication solution
    • Using web-based administration tools, it provides unified and robust user / authenticator / policy management
    • Supports custom policy profiles on a per-service basis
    • Fully customizable admin profiles for multiple levels of admin control at both site and service levels
    • Full policy administration for authenticators and connected apps
  • OnePass Federation Connector
    Supports SAML 2.0 and JWT standard protocols
    • Provides integrated FIDO authentication support for your ID Federation Provider
    • Develop SAML 2.0 and JWT standard compliance and support connection between various businesses.
    • ID integration using JWT standard spec: enables FIDO authentication by mapping the random ID to Domain ID in OneGuard
Client - Mobile
  • Mobile App

    Raonsecure's TouchEn OnePass is available as an SDK for Android, iOS and Cordova. It can be incorporated to add FIDO biometric authentication to your own app, or it can be deployed as a standalone authentication app for a web service. Our proprietary authenticator API allows you to easily adopt a variety of FIDO-certified biometric technologies including: voice, face, signature, palm, iris and others.

    Small and lightweight, the SDK leverages the security features of your mobile device (like Android KeyStore or iOS Keychain and the secure element) to keep your biometric pattern and authentication key safe. The underlying philosophy of privacy and security by design eliminates some of the most common pitfalls related to centralized authentication stores…

    • OnePass Client SDK for Android
    • OnePass Client SDK for IOS
    • OnePass Client SDK for Cordova
    • OnePass Authenticators with OMS(Fingerprint, Face, Voice, Patten, Behavior, OTP, Palm, Iris, Secure PIN)
Client - PC
  • USB Authenticator
    Raonsecure offers a FIDO authenticator in a convenient and secure USB format. It adds additional secure elements and fingerprint capability to a notebook or PC that does not natively support fingerprint biometric authentication. TouchEn OnePass USB Authenticator uses the MS500 security processor by eWBM, which allows you to safely store a FIDO security key as well as a user’s fingerprint template. Compatible with Windows and MacOS, organizations can provide additional security for logins and authentication at user’s home or at work, even for older PCs and laptops that lack biometric security natively.
  • IOC Authenticator
    • PC-based FIDO-compliant authentication
    • Works silently for second-factor authentication
    • Capable of full FIDO & FIDO2 biometric authentication where supported with hardware
    • Authenticator and biometric data never exposed to the PC operating system
    • Authentication process takes place in trusted execution environment at the hardware level – cannot be exposed to malware or cyberattack
    • Can be implemented alongside existing FIDO deployments