TouchEn OnePass
Financial Services
  • Mobile Banking and Payment Service

    Mobile banking customers no longer have security on their minds, they take it for granted. This is despite the fact that user ID and password authentication is suffering from a terrible reputation thanks to numerous high-profile data breaches.

    Use of Raonsecure’s OnePass product not only provides a high level of security, it offers a much better customer experience for logging into banking services and verifying certain kinds of transactions.

  • Peer-to-Peer Payments

    It is becoming more common for banking services to implement simple and easy-to-use “quick pay” functionality in their apps.

    Users can make small, direct payments directly to their personal contacts. With TouchEn OnePass, it is easier to secure those quick payments and also improve non-repudiation for them – protecting against “friendly” or “family” fraud at the same time it offers superior customer experience and security.

  • High-Value Transactions

    For business account owners, it isn’t uncommon to make large, inter-account money transfers. That type of business account activity can maintain a very high level of security assurance while still leveraging the convenience of biometric authentication by simply adding an additional authentication mode: i.e. Fingerprint + Voice, Voice + PIN, etc.

  • Mobile Payment
    There are many sub-use cases that can be listed here, including Mobile Bill Pay, Host Card Emulation apps (HCE), Mobile Wallets, etc. TouchEn OnePass already integrates with proven financial-based mobile payment solutions.
  • Secure Records Access & Management

    Because of growing compliance risk, it is more necessary now than ever before that online records access is strictly controlled. The top industry verticals affected by this are financial and medical records.

    Adding biometrics to any authentication layer for these types of records provides a higher degree of assurance for the organization that only the appropriate people have access.

  • Pharmacy Management Systems

    Pharmacy dispensary systems in hospitals contain both common drugs, such as ibuprofen, as well as regulated drugs, such as morphine.

    Using Raonsecure’s TouchEn OnePass solution can provide additional security for the dispensary of pharmacy supplies, provide non-repudiation of access, and reduce liability and risk to the institution.

  • Device Dosage Authentication

    Medical devices, such as infusion pumps or patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps, can be manipulated to change dosage. Use of OnePass on these types of devices ensures that only authorized individuals can make those adjustments.

    Additionally, in the event of an “incident”, the logs from OnePass can definitively provide evidence of who administered a change.

  • Physical Access Control

    While access to all patients and wards warrant proper authorization, certain areas, such as neonatal and labor & delivery, require additional security measures to protect against the unthinkable.

    TouchEn OnePass can add a level of security so that a stolen or misplaced card cannot gain access to the areas that need the most protection.

  • First & second authentication using biometric authentication for cloud services

    Combine with IDP (ID management platform) and include biometric multifactor authentication or user authentication using only bio-information for cloud-based access and authentication.

    With a Single Sign-on system (SSO), users can login once with a biometric and access all connected applications.

    TouchEn OnePass for IDP systems supports SAML and JWT standard protocols.

  • First steps toward full biometric authentication

    For an organization that can’t leave behind a legacy user ID / password system, adding FIDO biometric authentication as a strong 2nd factor can still improve the safety of your system without changing it entirely.

    This type of hybrid integration can let your organization immediately improve security to the legacy system and also set in place an improved authentication layer which is ready for the future.